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Studio Sketch Service

As part of our Studio Sketch service, you will receive an architectural sketch of your project. The sketch will include a floor plan and exterior or interior elevations, custom-designed for your project. The sketches are sent via e-mail and hard copies are sent via regular mail. You will also receive a free construction cost estimate and follow-up consultation.

With our Studio Sketch service, I will create a conceptual plan of your project before you begin the work. The Studio Sketch is a good place to start because it is the same service a traditional architect would provide to you during an initial consultation. But our Studio Sketch service is more affordable and more convenient.

Our Studio Sketch Designs are architectural sketches with enough detail and clarity for homeowners to convey their ideas to a contractor, get cost estimates for construction, or visualize the transformation of a remodel or addition. Depending on your project, they may also be used for construction.

Use Studio Sketch if you need:


A basic design of your remodel or addition project.


If you're thinking about a remodel or addition to your home and you're not sure where to begin or how much it will cost

Let our Studio Sketch Design guide you. Send us a photo of the area of your house you want to renovate and we'll create a custom design sketch of your project and provide a cost estimate for construction.


bulletExplore new design options
bulletDefine project scope
bulletMeet online for consultations from the comfort of your home or office.

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